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  High Speed Continuous Narrow Fabric Dyeing Machine
RUBY Series dyeing machine is high efficiency automatic dyeing machines. It is widely used in dyeing nylon tapes, decorative ribbons, elastics, handbag straps, backpack shoulder straps, shoe laces ¡­etc. The integrated operation from dyeing ¨C steaming ¨C washing ¨C tape outlet makes the unit the ideal solution.
¡¤ Equipped with a tension device, the unit is capable of maintaining the webbing¡¯s balance to bring about a bright, pretty and level color dyeing.
¡¤ Capability to dye narrow fabric of extra small width to width of 550mm,d thin as netted yarn and wide as seat belt and heavy type fabric.
¡¤ Atmospheric steamer at temperature of 105¡æ, high temperature steamer at temperature of 200¡æ, 45-60m long travel of narrow fabric in steamer brings about level color dyeing.
¡¤ Ladder-to-ladder or parallel design for saving energy in washing and rinsing unit, direct and indirect heating in washing tank to ensure the product more bright and not fading.
¡¤ Important parts as rollers are constructed by using anti-corrode stainless steel, durable and with low depreciation rate.
¡¤ Rollers use wear-resisting rubber, pressed by cylinder.
¡¤ Normal or High Temperature available
¡¤ The roller width is 300mm,400mm,600mm or 800mm available¡£