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RUBY-SA250 Ferrite Segment Magnets Grinding Machine  
RUBY-SA250 Ferrite Segment Magnets Grinding Machine, approving and initiating in PRC MOI as a developing and researching product, has been successed under produce after introducing skill from abroad and 4 years developing, and gets its patent, extensively used in magnetic shoe making.
This grinding machine is special designed for processing ferric oxide magnetic shoe, processing the main surface of magnetic shoe, entering materials continuously and automatically, grinding continuously. It is suit for the manufacture of large batches.
High speed shaping grinding. Linear velocity of emery wheel reaches 40m/s or 50m/s (Adjustable). High efficiency grinding, identical in dimension and long wheel life.
High rigidity of emery wheel spindle, fixing center by conical surface with emery wheel clamping plate, precise in fixing center of wheel, high in rotary precision, and easy in installation and dismantling.
Emery wheel adjustable at the axial direction, making R center of wheel in position.
Material entering equipment adjustable at thrust, stepless adjustable speed.
Electrical case can add electric interface of cooling pump, magnetic powder separator and low voltage (36V) lighting at the requirement of clients.
Main Technical Paremeter
Dimension of magnetic shoe width:80mm height:50mm length:120mm
Diameter of emery wheel Φ250mm
Rotational speed 3060r/min or 3800r/min
move of grinding head 60mm
axial move 16mm
Graduated disc of up and down move of grinding head 0.025mm/blank
Graduated disc of axial move of grinding head 0.05mm/blank
Speed of entering material 1-3m/minstepless
Power of emery wheel electrical motor 11KW、7.5KW
Power of material entering electrical motor 0.75KW
Net weight 1500KG
Special parts supplied a、 emery wheel (ordered according to requirement)
b、 accessories of 15-30mm in radian