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  Fabric Printing Machine Series  
  Heat-Transfer Printing Machine
RUBY Heat-Transfer Fabric-Printing Machine is high efficiency fabric-printing equipment. By heat and pressure, the pattern on printing paper is transferred to fabrics. This product adopts the technical skills from Taiwan, and being produced under the personally guidance of original designer, Mr. Chen Yi-Xiong. It is also improved and developed according to the requirements of the market.

  • Firm in structure, easy in operation.
  • Shaped in one time, no need of extra dealing, no pollution.
  • Fast speed of printing.
  • Simple in structure, durable, low rate of breakdown, easy to maintain.
  • The felt can be separate from the cylinder; no need to wait for the cylinder to become cool when the power is off or stop working.
  • Adopts imported high-temperature-resisting

  • Main Technical Parameter
    Model Dimension of Cylinder Power Consumption Dimension Printing Width Printing Speed
    1000-21 1ML 2.1M 115Kw 3.4M2.2M2.6M 1.8M 4~45M/ min
    1000-26 1ML 2.6M 125Kw 3.9M2.2M2.6M 2.2M 4~45M/ min
    1000-33 1ML 3.3M 127Kw 4.9M2.2M2.6M 2.8M 4~45M/ min
      Graphic of Technological Process
      Automatic Selvage-Entrance Keeper
    Automatic Selvage-Entrance Keeper is the matched equipment of Heat-Transfer Printing Machine. Its characters are simple in structure and steady in operation. This machine is the guarantee of the best quality of printing. Using this machine will reduce 1~2 workers and improve the working efficiency. The main part C edge guide controller is imported from Taiwan.
      Inspecting and Winding-on Machine
    RUBY Inspecting and Winding-on Machine can match to RUBY Heat-Transfer Printing Machine, and also can be separately used for inspecting or winding varied fabrics. It can roll the edge of fabrics uniformly, adjustable in tension, and easy and rapid in operation.The speed can be adjusted according to the requirement. The main part C edge guide controller is imported from Taiwan.
    Main Technical Parameter
    Model Fabric Width Dimension Power Consumption Max Speed
    YJ18 1.8 M 2.3M2.2M2M 1.5Kw 50M/min
    YJ23 2.3 M 3M2.2M2M 2.2Kw 50M/min
    YJ28 2.8 M 3.3M2.2M2M 2.2Kw 50M/min
      Continuous Crushing Machine
    RUBY Continuous Crushing Machine realizes the irregular creping of fabrics, included unbleached, processed, printed and folded fabrics. The effect is especially good to the polyester fiber and mixed fabric. In the process, the steam can be adjusted in order to avoid damaging the soft fibers and changing the color and peculiarity of the fabric. This machine is equipped with automatic entering system, quick cooling equipment, and gear-change material entering equipment. It is easy in operation and control. This product has two models of single and double pipes. The clients could make choice according to the output requirement.

    Main Technical Parameter
    Output Dimension Power Consumption Steam Consumption
    Depends on the kind of fabric and the effect the clients require.
    4 M (L) 1.25 M (W) 2.25 M (H) 6Kw 20 Kg /hr
      Sample Printing Machine   Sample Fabric Cutter